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2016 Departmental Regulatory Stewardship Strategies

Page updated 30 Nov 2016

Seven major regulatory departments are required to publish a regulatory stewardship strategy. The two key objectives underlying this requirement are to:

  • facilitate and increase engagement between regulatory departments and government and non-government stakeholders with interests in the regimes about actions likely to improve the performance of regulation, and
  • encourage departments to think practically about how they will meet their regulatory stewardship obligations, including what internal systems or measures they need to put in place to understand the condition and fitness for purpose of their regulatory regimes and to use this information to prioritise improvements.

The departmental regulatory stewardship strategies are being published for the first time in 2016. There is some variation in the form and content of the strategies as departments have adopted approaches to best support their engagement with stakeholders. The content and presentation will continue to be developed and improved as the strategies are updated each year.

The Minister for Regulatory Reform welcomed the release of MBIE’s regulatory stewardship strategy in August 2016, the first of the departmental strategies to be published. The relevant media statement can be found on the Beehive website here:

You can find each department’s regulatory stewardship strategy here (note, links will be added once the strategy has been published):

We invite stakeholders to use this information to engage with departments on the general direction of their regulatory strategy and become involved in identifying regulatory problems and areas to reduce the cost of regulation.


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