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2017 Departmental Regulatory Stewardship Strategies

Page updated 21 Nov 2017

As part of the Government’s regulatory management strategy, ‘Building effective regulatory institutions and practices’, seven major regulatory departments are expected to publish a regulatory stewardship strategy.

Each strategy sets out the department’s approach to its regulatory management responsibilities, assesses the fitness-for-purpose of the regulatory systems for which the department has responsibilities, and outlines the system priorities for the year ahead.

The two key objectives underlying this requirement are to:

  • facilitate and increase engagement between regulatory departments and government and non-government stakeholders with interests in the regulatory systems about actions likely to improve the performance of regulation, and
  • encourage departments to think practically about how they will meet their regulatory stewardship obligations, including what internal systems or measures they need to put in place to understand the condition and fitness-for-purpose of their regulatory systems and to use this information to prioritise improvements.

The departmental regulatory stewardship strategies were first published in 2016.  The seven major regulatory departments and the Treasury have come together to create more consistent frameworks for developing and presenting the 2017 strategies. 

The departments have assessed the fitness-for-purpose of their regulatory systems using common dimensions of effectiveness; efficiency; durability and resilience; and fairness and accountability.  In addition, departments have made greater efforts to take an end to end view of the systems they lead and are part of, including seeking input and views from other agencies with roles in the systems.  In some instances, the assessments reflect the views of external stakeholders, most often via surveys, formal evaluations or recently completed policy reviews.

The departments will continue to improve their strategies and regulatory system assessments by working together and with other agencies and stakeholders.

The Minister for Regulatory Reform welcomed the publication of the first of the 2017 regulatory stewardship strategies. The relevant media statement from August 2017 can be found on the Beehive website here:

You can find each department’s 2017 regulatory stewardship strategy here (note, links will be added once each strategy has been published):

We invite stakeholders to use this information to engage with departments on the general direction of their regulatory strategies, and to become involved in identifying regulatory problems and areas where the costs of regulation could be reduced.

See the 2016 Departmental Regulatory Stewardship Strategies.


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