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Statutes Repeal

Page updated 7 Sep 2016

Information about the Government's programme to repeal redundant laws.

The Statutes Repeal Bill was introduced on 6 September 2016. It repeals 124 spent Acts, and partially repeals a further 8 Acts. All of the Acts and sections identified have been identified as spent, meaning they have no or very minor effects, or they exist to achieve a regulatory purpose that is no longer relevant. By repealing unnecessary and spent regulation the Statutes Repeal Bill makes the statute book easier to navigate for users and easier to administer for departments.

The Statutes Repeal Bill is part of an ongoing programme by the Government to identify and repeal spent legislation in order to keep the statute books up to date and fit for purpose. Over time more pieces of legislation will become redundant which may create a need for further Statutes Repeals Bills in future.

Read the media statement by Hon Steven Joyce, Minister for Regulatory Reform on the Beehive website: Statutes Repeal Bill introduced to Parliament (6 September 2016)

Read the Statutes Repeal Bill on the Legislation website.

If you have any further suggestions of redundant statutes that could be suitable for repeal, contact the Treasury at

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