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Savings Working Group

Page updated 2 Feb 2011

Home page for the Savings Working Group that was established in August 2010 and that presented its final report to the Minister of Finance in January 2011.

The Savings Working Group was established by the government:

  • to provide a point of reference for the government as it develops its medium-term savings strategies; and
  • to stimulate a public discussion on issues of national saving in the New Zealand economy, linking this discussion to investment and growth.

Read the media statement by the Savings Working Group: Saving New Zealand: Reducing Vulnerabilities & Barriers to Growth & Prosperity (1 February 2011).

The Savings Working Group released its interim report on 16 December 2010 and submitted its final report to the Minister in January 2011. The Minister of Finance authorised the final report to be released here on 1 February 2011.


Documents are available in Adobe PDF and/or HTML formats only. Using PDF Files

Background Papers

Background Papers prepared for the Group have been released by the Savings Working Group to help stimulate public discussion on issues of national saving in the New Zealand economy.


The Savings Working Group received Submissions from organisations and individuals. Some of the submissions (including the name of the author) received have been published on this website at the discretion of the Savings Working Group and the Treasury.

Contact for Enquiries

The Savings Working Group Secretariat at the Treasury has been disestablished. Contact Information Services if you have any queries about this Savings Working Group material.

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