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An Analysis of Benefit Flows in New Zealand Using a Social Accounting Framework WP 13/01

Appendix D. Beneficiaries Working while Receiving Benefits

This appendix reports simulations, for each of the four cases, of the proportion of beneficiaries who are working, while not earning a sufficient amount to lift them off benefits. Results for all beneficiaries combined are shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15 - All Benefits Combined
Figure 15 - All Benefits Combined.
Figure 16 - Domestic Purposes Benefit
Figure 16 - Domestic Purposes Benefit.
Figure 17 - Invalid's Benefit
Figure 17 - Invalid's Benefit.
Figure 18 - Sickness Benefit
Figure 18 - Sickness Benefit.
Figure 19 - Unemployment Benefit
Figure 19 - Unemployment Benefit.
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