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New Zealand's Exchange Rate Cycles: Impacts and Policy
WP 11/01. Author: Gemma Mabin. This paper examines the extent to which exchange rate fluctuations hinder New Zealand's tradable sector and broader economic performance.
Modelling Shocks to New Zealand's Fiscal Position
WP 11/02. Author: Craig Fookes. This paper explores the use of scenario analysis as a contingency planning tool to examine how various purposefully-severe shocks could impact on the Crown's fiscal position.
Economic Imbalances: New Zealand's Structural Challenge
WP 11/03. Author: Jean-Pierre Andre. This paper is one of a suite of four papers that examine key elements of New Zealand's economic performance and the macro- and micro-economic factors that are inhibiting productivity growth and contributing to economic imbalances.
KiwiSaver: An Initial Evaluation of the Impact on Retirement Saving
WP 11/04. Authors: David Law, Lisa Meehan and Grant M Scobie. This paper presents the results of an initial evaluation to assess individuals’ saving behaviour following the introduction of the KiwiSaver scheme. It is based on the findings of a national survey conducted in 2010.
Tax Rates and Revenue Changes: Behavioural and Structural Factors
WP 11/05. Authors: John Creedy and Norman Gemmell. This paper examines the elasticity of tax revenue with respect to a marginal rate change, at both the individual and aggregate level.
Foreign Acquisition and the Performance of New Zealand Firms (WP 11/06)
WP 11/06. Authors: Richard Fabling and Lynda Sanderson. This paper examines the firm-level determinants of foreign acquisitions of New Zealand companies, and the consequences for both the purchased firms and the workers within those firms.