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Challenges and Choices: Modelling New Zealand's Long-term Fiscal Position (WP 10/01)
WP 10/01. Authors: Matthew Bell, Gary Blick, Oscar Parkyn, Paul Rodway and Polly Vowles. This working paper provides further detail on the modelling behind Challenges and Choices New Zealand's Long-Term Fiscal Statement, published on 29 October 2009.
Healthy, Wealthy and Working: Retirement Decisions of Older New Zealanders
WP 10/02. Authors: Jamas Enright and Grant Scobie. This paper analyses the influence of health and wealth on the decision to participate in the labour force amongst older New Zealanders, aged 55 to 70.
Health and Labour Force Participation
WP 10/03. Author: Heather Holt. This paper examines the relationship between health and labour force participation using data from the first three waves of the Survey of Family, Income and Employment (SoFIE) (2002/05).
The Cost of Ill Health
WP 10/04. Author: Heather Holt. This paper aims to quantify some of the costs associated with ill health in New Zealand.
Health and Wealth
WP 10/05. Author: Simon Anastasiadis. This paper analyses the relationship between net wealth and health using Waves 1 to 3 of the Survey of Family, Income and Employment (SoFIE).
Income and Occupational Intergenerational Mobility in New Zealand
WP 10/06. Author: Matthew Gibbons. This paper tentatively quantifies intergenerational economic mobility in New Zealand using the best available datasets.
Fiscal Institutions in New Zealand and the Question of a Spending Cap
WP 10/07. Authors: Tracy Mears, Gary Blick, Tim Hampton and John Janssen. This paper provides an assessment of the evolution and performance of New Zealand's fiscal institutions and fiscal policy-making framework over the last two decades.
Estimating New Zealand's Structural Budget Balance
WP 10/08. Author: Oscar Parkyn. This research paper reviews the method for estimating the structural budget balance of the New Zealand government.
Why are Real Interest Rates in New Zealand so High? Evidence and Drivers
WP 10/09. Authors: Natalie Labuschagne and Polly Vowles. This research paper concludes that New Zealand's relatively high real interest rates over most of the past two decades have been primarily driven by saving and investment imbalances within the local economy, rather than by an exogenously imposed country risk premia.
New Zealand's Exchange Rate Cycles: Evidence and Drivers
WP 10/10. Author: Gemma Mabin. This research paper deciphers the evidence of how volatile and variable the New Zealand dollar has been compared with the currencies of a number of other relevant economies and examines what drives the New Zealand exchange rate over different time horizons.