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Multi-Product Exporters and Product Turnover Behaviour of New Zealand Exporters (WP 09/01)
WP 09/01. Author: Muge Adalet. Using a unique dataset that covers all exporting firms in New Zealand from 1996 to 2007, this paper analyses the patterns of their product mix, how it changes over time and how this relates to firm characteristics. We suggest that looking at the relative importance of added and dropped products is as important as firm entry/exit in reallocation of resources.
An Introduction to the New Zealand Treasury Model (WP 09/02)
WP 09/02. Authors: Michael Ryan and Kam Leong Szeto. This paper provides an accessible introduction to NZTM without too much technical detail of the structure of a large computable general equilibrium (CGE) model, an update of changes to the model since the last documentation (Szeto, 2002) and briefly describes the role NZTM has in the Treasury’s economic forecasting process.
Household Debt in New Zealand
WP 09/03. Author: Katherine Henderson and Grant M. Scobie. This paper draws on both aggregate and household level data to assess the extent and composition of household debt; to analyse the distribution of debt in relation to income; to examine the factors associated with high ratios of debt servicing relative to income and consider the extent to which individuals and households are vulnerable to unexpected shocks.
Saving Rates of New Zealanders: A Net Wealth Approach
WP 09/04. Author: Katherine Henderson and Grant M. Scobie. Reliable estimates of actual household saving rates in New Zealand have proved elusive as existing sources of data have in the past given disparate estimates, making it difficult to reach a consensus of the real rate of household saving.
A Simple Model of Housing Rental and Ownership with Policy Simulations
WP 09/05. Author: Andrew Coleman and Grant M. Scobie. The housing market is both large and complex. This paper develops a simple model that captures the essential features of the supply and demand for housing, and which is used to evaluate the impact of a range of policy interventions.
Improving the Management of the Crown’s Exposure to Risk
WP 09/06. Authors: Timothy Irwin and Oscar Parkyn. The paper discusses the management of the New Zealand Crown’s exposure to financial risk.