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Does Quality Matter in Labour Input? The Changing Pattern of Labour Composition in New Zealand (WP 08/01)
WP 08/01. Authors: Kam Leong Szeto and Simon McLoughlin. The composition of the New Zealand workforce has changed considerably over the past two decades.
Roles of Fiscal Policy in New Zealand (WP 08/02)
WP 08/02. Authors: Felicity C Barker, Robert A Buckle and Robert W St Clair. Economic growth is one of the objectives of the current government. Fiscal policy, encompassing government expenditure and taxation decisions, can significantly impact on economic growth. This paper proposes a framework which views fiscal policy through three lenses and applies this approach to consider how fiscal policy affects economic growth.
The Contribution of Foreign Borrowing to the New Zealand Economy (WP 08/03)
WP 08/03. Authors: Anthony Makin, Wei Zhang and Grant Scobie. The Contribution of Foreign Borrowing to the New Zealand Economy. This paper views New Zealand's current account deficits as symptomatic of an economic growth process in which the rate of the economy's capital accumulation exceeds its domestic saving rate. Expansion of the domestic capital stock attributable to foreign saving leads to higher national output and national income per head, net of the servicing cost of foreign capital.
Equity and Efficiency Measures of Tax-Transfer Systems: Some Evidence for New Zealand (WP 08/04)
WP 08/04. Authors: John Creedy, Jamas Enright, Norman Gemmell and Nick McNabb. The redistributive and efficiency aspects of personal taxes are of particular interest to both economists and governments designing tax reforms. Traditionally however, the numerous analytical tools available to calculate distributional and efficiency effects of taxes and transfers are not widely used in tax policy advice.