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4.2  Challenges

So given the above discussion on what adaptive management means and involves, what are the main challenges in applying it to the various policy discussions ahead on natural resource management in New Zealand (see Table 3)? This section explores lessons from overseas literature and experience.

Table 3– challenges to making adaptive governance work[40]
(Scholz 2005) and (Dietz 2003) achieving and maintaining adequate representation, operating a consistent and effective decision process, resolving conflicts and inducing compliance
defining and meeting information needs, fostering a process of scientific and public learning
providing infrastructure and ensuring preparedness for change, problem responsiveness – ensuring that solutions actually work

Sources: see references in table.


  • [40]There are overlaps with a set of identified challenges to sustainable development: inequality, short-termism, fragmentation, externalities, uncertainty and insufficient precaution (Kemp 2003). This is not particularly surprising.
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