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Productivity, Capital-Intensity and Labour Quality at Sector Level in New Zealand and the UK (WP 07/01)
WP 07/01. Authors: Matthew Osborne and Geoff Mason. Understanding productivity performance is important to informing policy advice on how to improve productivity and therefore New Zealand's overall economic performance.
An Analysis of Tax Revenue Forecast Errors (WP 07/02)
WP 07/02. Authors: Peter Thomson and Martin Keene. The New Zealand Treasury forecasts tax revenue for the twice-yearly Economic and Fiscal Updates. The accuracy of these forecasts is important for the government’s annual budget decisions as they affect key fiscal aggregates such as the operating balance and debt levels.
Adaptive Governance and Evolving Solutions to Natural Resource Conflicts (WP 07/03)
WP 07/03. Author: Kevin Guerin. New Zealand is facing increasing challenges in managing natural resources (land, freshwater, marine space and air quality) under pressures from domestic (population growth, agricultural intensification, cultural expectations) and international (climate change) sources.
Housing in the Household Portfolio and Implications for Retirement Saving: Some Initial Finding from SOFIE (WP 07/04)
WP 07/04. Authors: Trinh Le, John K Gibson and Grant M Scobie. Housing is an important sector of the economy. It has widespread implications for investment, banking, saving and employment. Home ownership has been linked to building social capital and a sense of community.
The Risks and Opportunities from Globalisation (WP 07/05)
WP 07/05. Author: Wayne Stevens. Globalisation, being the trend towards increasing global economic integration, is one of the largest forces, if not the largest force, affecting world economies at present.
The Challenge of Structural Change in APEC Economies (WP 07/06)
WP 07/06. Authors: Bob (Robert) A Buckle and Amy Cruickshank. Improving New Zealand's economic performance is one of the key outcomes driving the work of the New Zealand Treasury and international connections are an important means of achieving that.