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The Contributions from Firm Entry, Exit and Continuation to Labour Productivity Growth in New Zealand (WP 05/01)
WP 05/01. Authors: Nathan McLellan and David Law. This paper evaluates the contributions from firm entry, exit and continuation to labour productivity growth in New Zealand over the period 1995 to 2003.
Taxes vs Permits: Options for Price-Based Climate Change Regulation (WP 05/02)
WP 05/02. Authors: Suzi Kerr, Joanna Hendy and Isabelle Sin. This paper provides an overview of key issues involved in the choice among market-based instruments for climate change policy.
The Living Standards, Incomes and Accommodation Costs of Older New Zealanders Revisited (WP 05/03)
WP 05/03. Authors: Roger Hurnard, Ivan Tuckwell and Dean Hyslop. This paper revisits the estimated relationship between material well-being and the current income and accommodation costs of older people from the 2001 Ministry of Social Policy study.
Returns to Scale, Technical Progress and Total Factor Productivity Growth in New Zealand Industries (WP 05/04)
WP 05/04. Author: Kevin J Fox. This paper reviews and applies some recently proposed methods for separating total factor productivity (TFP) growth into contributions from technical progress and returns to scale, allowing for imperfectly competitive markets.
Capital Shallowness: A Problem for New Zealand? (WP 05/05)
WP 05/05. Authors: Julia Hall and Grant M Scobie. This paper explores the extent to which a lower level of capital per hour worked (or lower capital intensity) is associated with less output per hour worked in New Zealand than in Australia.
Women’s participation in the labour force (WP 05/06)
WP 05/06. Author: Ken Judge. This paper provides a base of information on women's labour force participation in New Zealand and in other OECD countries.
The Changing Gender Distribution of Paid and Unpaid Work in New Zealand (WP 05/07)
WP 05/07. Author: Paul Callister. This paper explores five main questions regarding the gender distribution of work, primarily in the context of couples with young children.
Regional Economic Performance in New Zealand: How Does Auckland Compare? (WP 05/08)
WP 05/08. Authors: Steven Stillman and Geoff Lewis. In this study we investigate Auckland's economic performance relative to other large cities in New Zealand, to medium-sized urban centres and to small towns and rural areas.
The effect of New Zealand Superannuation eligibility age on the labour force participation of older people (WP 05/09)
WP 05/09. Author: Roger Hurnard. The paper discusses why particular features of New Zealand's pension system mean that the strength and rapidity of the response to a rise in eligibility age might not be repeatable in other settings.
Measures of Human Capital: A Review of the Literature (WP 05/10)
WP 05/10. Authors: Trinh Le, Les Oxley and John K Gibson. Human capital is increasingly believed to play an important role in the growth process, however, adequately measuring its stock remains controversial.
Income Growth and Earnings Variations in New Zealand, 1998-2004 (WP 05/11)
WP 05/11. Authors: Suresh Yahanpath and Dean Hyslop. This work provides an update of changes in the income distribution over the period from 1998-2004, using data from the Household Labour Force Survey's annual Income Supplement (HLFS-IS).