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Carbon Taxation, Prices and Household Welfare in New Zealand - WP 04/23

Appendix A: The Data

Appendix Table 1 – Translation Between the Energy Account Industry Classification (EAIC) and the 49 Industry Group Classification (IGC)
EAIC Code EAIC Description IGC Code IGC Description
EAIC Code EAIC Description IGC Code IGC Description
A01 Agriculture 1 Horticulture and fruit growing
2 Livestock and cropping farming
3 Dairy cattle farming
4 Other farming
5 Services to agriculture, hunting and trapping
A02 Fishing and Hunting 5 Services to agriculture, hunting and trapping
7 Fishing
A03 Forestry and Logging 6 Forestry and logging
A04 Extraction, Mining, Quarrying and Exploration - including gas distribution and supply 8 Mining and quarrying
9 Oil and gas exploration and extraction
27 Gas Supply
B01 Petroleum Product Refining, Distribution and Supply 18 Petroleum and industrial chemical manufacturing
B02 Electricity Generation, Distribution and Supply 26 Electricity generation and supply
C01 Slaughtering and Meat Processing 10 Meat and meat product manufacturing
C02 Dairy Products 11 Dairy product manufacturing
C03 Beverages, Tobacco, confectionery and sugar, and other food 12 Other food manufacturing
13 Beverage, malt and tobacco manufacturing
C04 Textile, Apparel and Leather goods 14 Textile and apparel manufacturing
C05 Wood Processing and Wood Products 15 Wood product manufacturing
C06 Paper and Paper Products, Printing and Publishing 16 Paper and paper product manufacturing
17 Printing, publishing and recorded media
C07 Chemicals, Related Products and Plastics 19 Rubber, plastic and other chemical product manufacturing
C08 Concrete, Clay, Glass and Related Minerals Manufacture 20 Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
C09 Basic Metal Industries 21 Basic metal manufacturing
C10 Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment 22 Structural, sheet and fabricated metal product manufacturing
23 Transport equipment manufacturing
24 Machinery and equipment manufacturing
C11 Other Manufacturing Industries 25 Furniture and other manufacturing
C12 Construction 29 Construction
D01 Water Works and Supply 28 Water supply
D02 Wholesale and Retail Trade - Non Food 30 Wholesale trade
31 Retail trade
D03 Wholesale Trade - Food 30 Wholesale trade
D04 Retail Trade - Food 31 Retail trade
D05 Motels, Hotels, Guest Houses 32 Accommodation, restaurants and bars
D06 Communication 36 Communication services
D07 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services 37 Finance
38 Insurance
39 Services to finance and insurance
40 Real estate
41 Ownership of owner-occupied dwellings
42 Equipment hire and investors in other property
43 Business services
D08 Central Government Administration 44 Central government administration, defence, public order and safety services
D09 Central Government Defence Services 44 Central government administration, defence, public order and safety services
D10 Local Government Administration 45 Local government administration services and civil defence
D11 Education Services: Pre-School, Primary and Secondary 46 Education
D12 Education Services: Tertiary Education 46 Education
D13 Health and Welfare Services 47 Health and community services
D14 Other Social and Related Community Services 48 Cultural and recreational services
49 Personal and other community services
D15 Sanitary and Cleaning Services 45 Local government administration services and civil defence
E01 Domestic Transport and Storage 33 Road transport
34 Water and rail transport
35 Air transport, services to transport and storage

Statistics New Zealand provided fuel demands based on the EAIC. The above translation was used to convert the fuel demands to the 49 industry group classification. Where an industry from the EAIC incorporated multiple IGC industries, final demand was used as a weight to distribute the fuel demand of the EAIC industry to each of the IGC industries.

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