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Inter Industry Linkages in New Zealand - WP 02/09

Publication Details

  • Inter Industry Linkages in New Zealand
  • Published: Aug 2002
  • Status: Current
  • Author: Claus, Iris
  • JEL Classification: C67; L16
  • Hard copy: Available in HTML and PDF formats only.

Inter industry linkages in New Zealand

New Zealand Treasury Working Paper 02/09

Published June 2002

Authors: Iris Claus


This paper investigates the production structure of the New Zealand business sector using the recently released 1996 input output tables. The analysis is undertaken at the most disaggregated level for which data are available, 126 industries. Indices of backward and forward linkages, measures of industry interconnectedness and a value added production multiplier are calculated. The ranking of industries by degree of connectedness depends on whether direct transactions or both direct and indirect transactions are considered. In 1996, wholesale and retail trade, air transport, services to transport and storage, central government administration, meat processing, and dairy product manufacturing had the strongest backward and forward links with other industries.

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