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Regulatory Issues in Biosecurity - WP 01/23

Publication Details

  • Regulatory Issues in Biosecurity
  • Published: Dec 2001
  • Status: Current
  • JEL Classification: H40; K32; Q17
  • Hard copy: Available in PDF format only.

Regulatory Issues in Biosecurity

New Zealand Treasury Working Paper 01/23

Published Dec 2001

Authors: Chris Pinfield


The management of biosecurity risks (risks to the production sector, to indigenous biodiversity, and to public health) involves the exercise of extensive regulatory powers both at the border and within New Zealand. This paper reviews the Biosecurity Act 1993, paying particular attention to its requirements for risk analysis and decision-making. These are generally of a high standard. Requirements at the border are significantly influenced by New Zealand's trading obligations and opportunities. Requirements for domestic pest management strategies are elaborate but can be sidestepped. Cost recovery practices for biosecurity differ widely and have been controversial.

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