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4.6 Personal and other community services

The last of the five industries outside the former measured sector is ‘Personal and other community services', which includes a variety of activities (eg, hiring of personal and household goods; hairdressing; religious organisations; business, professional and labour organisations). This is a relatively small industry at around 1.4 percent of GDP in New Zealand and 2 percent of GDP in Australia. This industry is in the current official Statistics NZ measured sector from 1996. Figure 11 plots the unofficial productivity data for the ABS (GDP / LFS hours worked, under ANZSIC93) and an unofficial series for New Zealand (GDP / HLFS hours worked). Over the 20-year timeframe, labour productivity growth averaged 3.8 percent in New Zealand, and 1.0 percent in Australia. New Zealand experienced both higher output growth and lower labour input growth, relative to Australia.

Figure 11 - Personal and other community services
Figure 11 - Personal and other community services.
Source: Statistics New Zealand and Australian Bureau of Statistics
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