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Taking on the West Island: 
How does New Zealand’s labour productivity stack up?

Standards and further information

Percentage changes

Percentage movements are, in a number of cases, calculated using data of greater precision than published. This could result in slight variations.

Rounding procedures

On occasion, figures are rounded to the nearest thousand or some other convenient unit. This may result in a total that disagrees slightly with the total of the individual items as shown in tables. Where figures are rounded the unit is in general expressed in words below the table headings, but where space does not allow this the unit may be shown as (000) for thousands, etc.

All counts in this report have been randomly rounded to base 3 to protect the confidentiality of respondents. For this reason not all figures will sum to stated totals.

Changes of base

Where consecutive figures have been compiled on different bases and are not strictly comparable, a footnote is added indicating the nature of the difference.


All data is compiled by Statistics New Zealand, except where otherwise stated. Both administrative and survey data has been used in this report.


This paper was prepared by Brendan Mai (Statistics New Zealand), John Janssen, Geoff Lewis and Simon McLoughlin (New Zealand Treasury). Adam Tipper (Statistics New Zealand) provided analytical support. An earlier version was presented at the joint conference of the New Zealand Association of Economists and the Law and Economics Association of New Zealand, 30 June-2 July, University of Auckland Business School. The paper benefited substantially from a June 2010 workshop involving representatives from Statistics New Zealand, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the New Zealand Treasury, and the Australian Treasury. Comments were also provided by Dean Parham, Donald Brunker, Derek Burnell, Tas Papadopoulos, and Grant Scobie.


While all care and diligence has been used in processing, analysing, and extracting data and information in this report, Statistics New Zealand gives no warranty it is error free and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use, directly or indirectly, of information in this report.


This is a joint paper between the New Zealand Treasury and Statistics New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand provided technical advice around data and methodologies so as to inform the analysis. The analysis and interpretation were provided by Treasury.

Further information

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