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Electricity Demand-side Management
Electricity Demand-Side Management

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  • Electricity Demand-Side Management
  • Published: Oct 2005
  • Status: Current
  • Author: The Treasury
    • Hard copy: Available ion PDF format only.

    Electricity Demand-side Management

    Published 6 Mar 2006

    This report identifies and assesses the range of electricity demand-side measures available, for both peak trimming and load reduction. It quantifies the potential electricity savings, as well as the value for money of potential measures, with the aim of informing Treasury's advice regarding the potential contribution of managing electricity demand to maintaining security of supply.  This paper is available for download in Adobe PDF format only.

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    Executive summary


    Purpose of report

    What is demand-side management?

    What's the status quo?

    Objectives of measures

    Options analysis

    How could these measures be implemented?


    Responsibility for implementation – who bears the costs?




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