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6  Next steps

Insights will be developed over time. This is still a prototype tool, and a number of enhancements are planned in future. These include improvements in the usability of the tool, new ways of visualising data, and improved functionality to download data. Any suggestions for improvements to the tool would be welcomed, and can be sent to

Insights will also be extended to include a broader range of services for children and young people, providing a more complete picture of the extent of service use by at-risk young people, and any areas where gaps in service use or access might lie. A particular area of interest is the addition of health service information.

Finally, Insights provides a platform for the delivery of a broader range of IDI information than just relating to the outcomes, risk and services for children and young people. Other domains of research interest will be explored over time, and a wider range of data delivered in an accessible way for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

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