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Insights - Informing policies and services for at-risk children and youth

4  Youth transitions to adulthood

4.1  Background

This part of the tool shows outcomes for youth as they transition to adulthood. It shows where they are doing well, where they may need additional support, and the parts of the country where the need is greatest.

Youth transitions to adulthood provides information about the activities and outcomes of all young people aged 15 to 24 in New Zealand. It shows the main activities they are undertaking as they transition to adulthood, how many are in employment, and how many are receiving benefits. Results are presented by gender, age and ethnic group and for different risk groups, and are mapped down to the area unit level (the equivalent of a city suburb).

Activities and outcomes are tracked at different ages by looking at the interactions that young people have with government agencies. School and tertiary enrolment information from the Ministry of Education tells us whether a young person is in education, tax data from Inland Revenue tells us whether they are working, and data from the Department of Corrections tells us if they are serving a custodial sentence.

Young people can be engaged in many different activities in a particular year. We prioritise these activities, defining a 'main activity' they were undertaking each month and averaging these across the year. Where someone is mainly overseas in a particular month, that month is excluded from the results.

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