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2  Data and methods

2.1  Data description

The study uses the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), which was developed and is maintained by Statistics New Zealand. The data is held in a secure environment, and made available to bona fide researchers under strict conditions. The IDI includes a wide range of survey and administrative data from across government agencies. This study uses data sourced primarily from the Ministry of Social Development (related to benefits, care and protection services and youth justice services), the Department of Corrections (sentencing), the Ministry of Education (schooling and tertiary study participation and achievement), the Department of Internal Affairs (birth and death registrations), the Ministry of Health (service use, including mental health and addiction services, and pharmaceutical use), Inland Revenue (salaries and wages) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (movements into and out of New Zealand).

Further discussion of various data issues can be found in the two analytical papers Treasury Analytical Paper 15/01 and 15/02[6], which used similar data sources.


  • [6]Crichton, S., Templeton, R., and Tumen, S. (2015) Analytical Paper 15/01: Using Integrated Administrative Data to Understand Children at Risk of Poor Outcomes as Young Adults, The Treasury. See:
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