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Responses to Official Information Act Requests

Page updated 7 Mar 2017

The Treasury is trialling the publication of its responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests.

Responses to selected OIA requests received by the Treasury are published here soon after the requestor has received their response from the Treasury. The reply letter from the Treasury to the requestor explains what information, if any, has been withheld under the OIA and under which grounds. The requestor's name and address have been removed.

Material pro-actively released by the Treasury, that is material not released directly in response to a particular OIA request, is available at Information Releases. This includes the regular Budget Information Releases and the Treasury's Briefings to Incoming Ministers.

OIA Response Publication Schedule

Batches of responses will typically be released here one or two afternoons each week. There will be no notification on this page if there are no responses to be published on a particular day, nor will we signal in advance which responses will be published.

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OIA Responses

Documents are only available in Adobe PDF format and are listed in release date order, with the most recently released responses at the top. HTML versions can be requested from Using PDF Files

Contact for Enquiries

See Communications team contacts.

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