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Valuation Reports

Page updated 14 Aug 2014

Under the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986, one of the principal objectives of a state-owned enterprise (SOE) is to operate as a successful business. As part of the reporting of that success, the boards of SOEs are required to assess their estimate of the commercial value of the Crown's investment and disclose their estimates annually in their Statements of Corporate Intent (SCI).

Over the past few years, to increase transparency on the value of the Crown's investment, valuation reports based on publicly available information have also been commissioned by the Treasury.

Individual valuation reports commissioned to date by the Treasury are provided here. Over time, most of the significant companies within the Crown’s portfolio will have an independent valuation report commissioned by the Treasury.

2013 Valuation Reports

2011 Valuation Reports

2010 Valuation Reports

2009 Valuation Reports

2008 Valuation Reports

2007 Valuation Reports

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