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Summary Table

Proposal for change Maintain the Status Quo Package One: "Legislate but keep the cost low" Package Two: "Legislate and reinforce with other changes" Package Three: "Legislate and lift attention to existing leg"
Disclose nature of QA products & processes used to test legislation   Basic Extended Extended
Disclose significant powers and unusual features of legislation   Basic Extended Extended
Independent review of measures   1-Off within 5 yrs 1-Off within 5 yrs Every 5 yrs
Provision of guidance and admin support by PCO and Treasury   Yes Yes Yes
Stronger mandate for Select Cttees to report on leg quality issues, with support from Office of the Clerk   Yes Yes Yes
Tighter RIA requirements in weak areas to complement disclosures     Yes Yes
Revive the Legislation Design Cttee with a more proactive role     Yes Yes
Revamp the Cabinet LEG committee, with a stronger mandate to test leg quality and implementation plans     Yes Yes
Clear Govt expectations for agencies on their stewardship responsibilities for existing legislation       Yes
Reporting requirements for regulatory agencies better tailored to their legal and stewardship responsibilities       Yes
Investigate new Office of Parliament (OoP) role to review performance of existing regulatory regimes       Yes
Estimated Additional Annual Compliance Cost (excl 5 Yr Review) 0

~4 FTE per year

(or ~$0.85m pa)

~9 FTE per year

(or ~$2m pa)

~$5m pa for OoP

>$10m pa for rest

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