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Supplementary Stabilisation Instruments Information Release

Page updated 13 Nov 2009
Released 6 Apr 2006

The Reserve Bank and the Treasury have released a joint report on possible additional instruments to supplement the role of interest rates in managing demand pressures and inflation.

This report, prepared under terms of reference issued in November 2005, was prompted by the recent strength and persistence of domestic household demand, the scale of the accompanying external imbalances, and the key role played by the house price cycle.

Note: On 23 February 2007 the Treasury and Reserve Bank of New Zealand released a report - Mortgage Interest Levy: A Detailed Option - that further developed this option that had been canvassed in the Supplementary Stabilisation Instruments: Initial Report below (pages 35-39).

These documents have also been released on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand web site - see About Monetary Policy - Supplementary Stabilisation Instruments (SSI).

The Reserve Bank web site has the following related material that is not reproduced here:

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