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Applied Examples of CBAx - Budget 2016 Information Release

Page updated 1 Feb 2017

Budget 2016 required impact analysis using the cost benefit analysis CBAx tool.

CBAx is a spreadsheet model that contains a common database to help agencies monetise impacts and do return on investment analysis. Agencies applied CBAx for new social sector initiatives.

The Treasury is releasing Budget 2016 applied examples for the purpose of learning. It transparently shares assumptions about the difference initiatives make for New Zealanders. The Treasury recognises and appreciates that agencies undertook CBAx modelling under tight time frames, building capability, and early on in the decision making process. The applied examples may therefore cover early options and differ from the final advice and decisions. Final decisions are set out in the Social Investment package and the Health package.

The Treasury used the Budget 2016 applied example data to populate a Budget 2017 model. Irrespective of the evidence base this is set as "N/A" not applicable for all impacts. The probability is included as the segment and the success rate is set to 100% for all impacts.

The Treasury welcomes suggestions on the CBAx tool and would like to learn from practical experiences of applying CBAx. Over time, the Treasury will improve and update the tool. The Treasury anticipates refreshing the CBAx tool on an annual basis. Please contact with comments and suggestions.

Documents are grouped in alphabetical order of initiatives with each package. Documents are available in Adobe PDF format or MS Excel format.

The Applied Example CBAx Model Excel files are dated December 2016 as that is when the Treasury recreated models in the latest version of the CBAx template using departments' original December 2015 data.

We recommend you right-mouse click over each PDF file or Excel file and opt to 'Save Target As (in Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' (in Firefox), or the equivalent for your browser, to save each file to your file system.  Using PDF Files  Using Excel Files


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