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Annual Calendar of Performance and Financial Reporting Requirements

Page updated 15 Nov 2010

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The Annual Reporting Calendar is also available in Adobe PDF format: ann-rep-cal-12nov10.pdf (13 KB). Using PDF Files


  • 1. All reporting deadlines outlined here are indicative. For the authoritative deadline, see the relevant Treasury circular.
  • 2. Please note there is a four-tiered (A, B, C, D) reporting stream approach for entities that determine the frequency and form of reporting. Please refer to the Overview of Crown Reporting Requirements if you are unsure which stream your entity falls under.
  • 3. Deadlines in italics are tentative only.
  • * Guidance material available on CFISnet only.
Annual Calendar of Performance and Financial Reporting Requirements
  Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Fiscal Jun Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis Unappropriated Expenditure   Sep Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  Oct Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  Nov Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  Dec Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis Jan Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  Feb Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  Mar Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  Apr Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis  May Monthly Actuals & Variance Analysis
  Year End Financial Reporting*   Year End Actuals Post-Audit Update  Monthly Forecast Tracks: Nov-May (OBU)          Monthly Forecast Tracks for Apr, May (BEFU)    
Budget           Four-year Budget Plans due     Information on s.21 or s.32A of the PFA Estimates, Supplementary Estimates and Supporting Information  Budget Day Proactive Budget Information Release
            Cabinet consideration of major policy proposals arising from Four-year Budget Plans      
      October Baseline Update (OBU)          March Baseline Update (MBU) Fiscal Risks    
      Half-Year Economic and Fiscal Update (HYEFU)      Budget Economic and Fiscal Update (BEFU)    
Accountability      Annual Report: Departments
Annual Report: Crown Entities
        Statement of Intent     
    Section 32A Report  Output Plan Report      Output Plan Report     Output Plan Report Output Plan 
Regulatory Management             Draft Regulatory Plans         Final Regulatory Plans
Scanning Results
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