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Demonstrating Performance: A Primer for Expenditure Reviews (June 2008)

Appendix 4: Additional Resources

The following resources provide useful performance indicators, discuss measurement approaches, and provide useful ways of analysing performance and presenting results:

Australia, Productivity Commission: efficiency, equity and effectiveness measures for major Government services (

Canada, Alberta, Measuring Up – financial and outcome reporting on major objectives


NZ, Pathfinder: principles for identifying relevant outcome indicator and impact measures (, Building Blocks 1-5 and Lessons Learnt)

NZ, Pharmac and Treasury: guidance on cost-utility and cost-benefit analysis

NZ, Ministry of Health, 2001: Evidence-based health objectives for the New Zealand Health Strategy

NZ, State Services Commission: Performance Measurement: Advice and examples on how to develop effective frameworks (

NZ Treasury: The Strategy Primer lists measurement and governance considerations

UK, Treasury: PSA Public Performance Reporting – measures, targets and interpretation (

UN World Food Programme: Logic model-based monitoring and evaluation guidelines (

USA, federal departments, performance reports: output and effectiveness measures with time series comparisons (eg,

USA, making managing for results manageable (

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