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Preparing the Annual Report - Guidance and Requirements for Crown Entities

2.5 Exemptions from the Statement of performance

Statutory requirement: section 149F of the CEA:

  1. The Minister of Finance may exempt, for 1 or more financial years or until further notice, 1 or more classes of outputs from—
    1. any statement of performance expectations required under section 149C or 149D; or
    2. any statement of performance required under section 151(1)(b).
  2. The Minister of Finance must not exempt a class of outputs from a statement of performance expectations or a statement of performance unless he or she is satisfied that—
    1. the class of outputs is not material to the statement; or
    2. the class of outputs will be adequately reported on to the House of Representatives by a Minister, a department, or another public entity; or
    3. for any other reason, the exemption does not unreasonably compromise accountability for the performance of the Crown entity.

Any output classes that were exempt from the statement of performance expectations need not be included in the statement of performance.

Financial reporting requirements remain unchanged even when a section 149F exemption is granted.

Where a Crown entity believes that it may qualify for an exemption, it should approach its monitoring department in the first instance. The monitoring department will liaise with Treasury as required.

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