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Who should read this guidance

Crown entity board members and senior managers of Crown entities should read the overview to understand the purpose and overall content requirements of the annual report. Those working on the annual report are advised to read all of the material to ensure they understand the requirements and the expected standards of reporting.

Persistent URLs (PURLs)

This document has some links to other guidance on the Treasury's website using persistent URLs (redirects maintained by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) for bibliographic purposes) to ensure that users of this document will be redirected to the current location of guidance documents if the location changes on the Treasury website.

Questions and feedback

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found on page 35 of this guidance and on the PSI.[2]

Any Crown entity-specific queries should be raised with an entity’s monitoring department.

General enquiries not addressed in this guidance and the associated FAQs can be directed to


  • [2]Public sector intranet :
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