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Appendix D: Further Reading

Better business cases for capital proposals

Budget documents - past and present

Cabinet Office circulars, on eg, vetoes, baselines and asset management

Cost benefit analysis primer

Crown Entities Act 2004

Crown entities and other bodies - guidance

Demonstrating performance: a primer for expenditure reviews

Economic and Fiscal Updates

Financial Reporting Act 1993

Financial statements of the Government of New Zealand

Fiscal Strategy Report

Getting better at managing for outcomes - a self-assessment tool

Guidance to departments in relation to [monitoring] Crown entities

Guide to appropriations

Guide to New Zealand's state services

Guide to the Public Finance Act

Improving output costing: guidelines and examples (1994)

Investment statements of the Government of New Zealand.

New Zealand's state sector reform: a decade of change (1998)

Obedient servants? Management freedoms and accountabilities in the New Zealand public sector. Richard Norman (2003). Victoria University Press, Wellington.

Output plan guidance for departments. Managing for outcomes (2002)

Owner's expectations manual for SOEs

Public Finance Act 1989

Public management in New Zealand: lessons and challenges. Graham Scott (2001)

Public management: the New Zealand model. Boston, Jonathan et al (1996). Oxford University Press.

Reviewing the machinery of government

Select committees

Standing orders of the House of Representatives: Wellington: House of Representatives

Statement of Long-term Fiscal Position

State-owned enterprises

State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986

State Sector Act 1988

The Cabinet Office manual

The performance improvement framework

The spirit of reform: managing the New Zealand state sector in a time of change. Schick, Allen, August 1996

The strategy primer (2006)

Early Documents on New Zealand's State Sector Reforms

A capital charge for government departments, Accountants' Journal: McCulloch, BW, October 1991

Accounting in the context of public sector management reform, financial accountability and management, 8(1): McCulloch, BW, and Ball, Ian, Spring 1992 pp 7-12

Crown financial statements - breaking new ground, Accountants' Journal: MacLeod, R, June 1992

Decision making in New Zealand government: Nethercote, JR, Galligan, Brian and Walsh, Cliff, editors, 1993

Improving output costing: guidelines and examples. The Treasury, 1994.

Reform of the core public sector: New Zealand experience, in ‘Governance' Volume 3, Number 2: Scott, Graham; Bushnell, Peter; and Sallee, Nikitin; April 1990

Report of the Finance and Expenditure Committee on the inquiry into reporting by the Crown and its sub-entities to the House of Representatives: Wellington: House of Representatives, 1991

The new approach: financial management reform, Accountants' Journal: Ball, I, June 1992

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