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Putting It Together: An Explanatory Guide to New Zealand's State Sector Financial Management System

Organisations Named or Described in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act 1989

There are currently 32 organisations listed in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act ('Schedule 4 organisation'), including 12 Fish and Game Councils.

A number of provisions of the Crown Entities Act apply to these organisations as if they were Crown entities under the Crown Entities Act. The provisions mainly relate to reporting requirements. For example, the board of a Schedule 4 organisation must supply any information relating to the operations and performance of the organisation that the Minister responsible for the agency requests.

The historical reason for the existence of Schedule 4 organisations is that, at the time when the Crown Entities Act came into force, there were a number of entities that didn't fit under the new Act. Consequently, these entities were listed in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act.

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