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Education Sector Crown Entities


The New Zealand state school sector is made up of almost 2,700 state and integrated schools[40]. Schools are run by boards of trustees, which are Crown entities.

Each school has a written charter setting out its aims, objectives and purposes. The charter links school, community and government goals.

State schools are managed by boards of trustees elected by parents of students enrolled at the school. Boards of trustees are formally the employers of teachers and other school employees. In practice, the Ministry of Education allocates teacher staffing entitlements to schools and pays these salaries. However, boards can employ additional staff using funding from their operating grants. Boards are also responsible for operating expenses.

Most land and buildings used by state schools are departmental assets of the Ministry of Education. Individual boards of trustees have occupancy agreements with the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education is a government department that manages school funding on behalf of the Crown and manages contracts (the charters) with individual schools on behalf of the Minister of Education. The amount allocated to each board is based on a formula using factors such as roll size, and the social and economic needs of the local community.

The Ministry of Education:

  • manages contracts with service providers on behalf of the Government
  • provides policy advice on all aspects of education
  • coordinates implementation of education policy
  • advises on optimum use of resources allocated to education
  • owns and manages school property
  • develops guidelines on all aspects of education, including national curriculum requirements.

Other bodies in the education sector provide specialised services to the Government.

The Education Review Office (ERO) is a government department that reviews the quality of education in all schools, including private schools, and early childhood education centres. ERO also comments on the performance of overall aspects of the primary and secondary education sectors.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority is a Crown agent responsible for:

  • developing and maintaining a framework for national qualifications
  • setting and reviewing standards relating to qualifications
  • ensuring New Zealand qualifications meet overseas standards
  • administering national secondary and some tertiary qualifications.


  • [40]Integrated schools are private schools that have integrated into the state school system but retain their private ownership, for example, church schools.
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