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Information Supporting the Estimates

The Information Supporting the Estimates is laid out in ten volumes covering different sectors. As noted previously, these provide information on the future operating intentions of departments that are administering Votes, the rationale for expenditure, performance measures and delivery expectations.

Each volume provides supporting information in six parts. Part 1 gives a Summary of the Vote, including linkage of high level objectives (priorities, outcomes and impacts) to appropriations, spending trends and information allowing funding to be traced across changes in output structure.

Parts 2 to 6 give details and performance expectations for appropriations of each type (Output expenses, Benefits, Borrowing expenses, etc). They lay out expected outcomes, impacts and objectives, identify recent policy initiatives, detail performance measures and standards, and lay out conditions that limit the use of appropriations (eg, targeting criteria).

The expenses and capital expenditures of security agencies are not published. This information is supplied on a ‘need to know' basis to specific Ministers and to the statutory Intelligence and Security Committee.

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