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The Estimates

The Estimates are presented to the House by the Minister of Finance on Budget Day. The Estimates authorise expenditure by Ministers, so they focus primarily on detailing appropriations and setting expenditure limits.

The Estimates start with Summary Tables showing total expenditure by expense and revenue type, the amount appropriated to each Vote in each appropriation type, and net assets by Vote. Summary Tables also lay out revenue sources.

Individual Votes are then presented in alphabetical order. For each Vote, the main Estimates include the following sections:

  • Overview of the Vote: This summarises maximum expenditure levels in aggregate, and what elements of the Vote can be spent on
  • Details of Appropriations: This gives the type, title, scope and amount of each annual appropriation and (separately) multi-year appropriation
  • Projected Movements in Net Assets: Information on the opening and closing balances of each department included in the Vote.

Looking through citizen-centric and value-for-money lenses, some of the more interesting information coming out of the Budget is laid out in the Information Supporting the Estimates.

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