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Guide to Social Cost Benefit Analysis


The Treasury maintains a website for matters related to Cost Benefit Analysis. See

Other CBA guides

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US Environmental Protection Agency, “Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses”, recent advances in theoretical and applied work in the field of environmental economics, including assessing the distribution of costs and benefits amongst various segments of the population.

Guide to section 32 of the Resource Management Act:

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BCR Benefit cost ratio

CAPM Capital asset pricing model

CI Confidence interval

CBA Cost benefit analysis

CEA Cost effectiveness analysis

CUA Cost utility analysis

CGE Computable general equilibrium

CUA Cost utility analysis

DWL Deadweight loss

GDP Gross domestic income

GNDI Gross national disposable income

IRR Internal rate of return

MC Monte Carlo, marginal cost

MCA Multi-criteria analysis

MCDA Multi-criteria decision analysis (= MCA)

MIRR Modified internal rate of return

NPV Net present value

PPP Public private partnership

PV Present value

QALY Quality adjusted life years

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