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Guidelines for Setting Charges in the Public Sector -April 2017

2.7  Prior reviews and other contextual information

Before starting a review of cost recovery regimes, it can be instructive to revisit previous reviews to understand what changes have been made and why. For regimes that have been in place for some time, customers/users may have previously provided feedback and insights that can be revisited.

Cost recovery regimes do not operate in isolation. Customers/users will have many other interactions with government services. It is useful to understand what recent or potential changes in government charging arrangements may have an impact on the customer/user base so that your approach and analysis can be adapted accordingly. For example, changes to the border levy and the civil aviation passenger levy will impact on some of the same users (ie, international air passengers), so changes in one regime can be usefully referenced in advice on the other. This will help in assessing the overall impact to the user from changes across related cost recovery regimes.

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