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Guidelines for Setting Charges in the Public Sector -April 2017

Overview (continued)

Questions and Feedback

Any agency-specific questions should be addressed to your Treasury Vote team.

This document has been prepared with input from a range of agencies in the public sector. Any comments as to how we could improve this guidance are very welcome.

Further information

This document is part of a suite of guidance relating to setting user charges. Other documents that should be considered when considering cost-recovery arrangements are:

  • Regulatory Impact Analysis Handbook (link in table below).
  • The new CRIS templates (stage 1 CRIS and stage 2 CRIS – link in table below).
  • Office of the Auditor General's (OAG' Charging fees for public sector goods and services (link in table below).
  • Treasury circular on memorandum accounts (link in table below).

Other useful information can be found:

Other useful information
Name Website Ref. (where applicable)
Regulatory Impact Analysis Handbook  
OAG guidance  
OAG report from 2013 on memorandum accounts in central government  
Australian Cost Recovery Guidance  
Productivity Commission report on Regulatory Institutions and Practices Chapter 12
LAC guidelines Chapter 15
Memorandum account information  
Treasury Instructions Section 6.3.7
CAB guide  
Standing Orders  
Ombudsman's guidance on charging for OIAs  
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