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The final component of an appropriation is its title.

  • Unlike amount, scope and period, the title does not form part of the legal boundary of the appropriation and is not considered a formal dimension of an appropriation. The title is included for information purposes only.
  • Good titles should be short, descriptive and jargon free. Acronyms should not be used unless well known by the public (eg, District Health Boards).
  • For output expenses, titles should focus on the nature of the service provided. For other expenses titles should focus on the purpose or use of the appropriation.
  • Titles need to be informative - generic titles like sector leadership and support, and contestable services should be avoided.
  • Appropriations that have a distinguishing feature (PLA and RDA) must include the appropriate abbreviation at the end of the title to inform readers that the appropriation has that characteristic.
  • No two appropriations within a vote should have the same title. If the same project is funded by two appropriations (for example a departmental output class and a non-departmental output class) titles may be similar, but there must be some distinguishing feature between the two.
  • Categories within an MCA, PLA and RDA, must not have a title that is same as any other appropriation or category within the vote. Having the abbreviation PLA or RDA at the end of the title is not sufficient difference.
  • All appropriation titles must include the code for the appropriation Minister (eg, M1) in brackets at the end of the title.
  • Titles should be free of spelling mistakes.
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