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Reorganisation of Appropriations for Policy Advice: Guide for Departments

4  Performance Measures for Policy Advice

As highlighted in section 1, Cabinet has directed the Treasury to establish common performance measures for the new policy appropriations for inclusion in the Information Supporting the Estimates.

Potential performance measures are currently being developed and will be tested through the Policy Benchmarking Pilot Project. These measures will not be ready for use in Budget 2012 due to the time required for development, testing and consultation and the limited availability of common datasets across departments.

Given that the new policy advice appropriations or output classes will be in place for Budget 2012 (FY 2012/13), departments are advised to use the set or appropriate subset of performance measures currently use for their policy advice related appropriations.

These measures would generally focus on, but are not limited to:

  • the quality of advice
  • the timeliness of the delivery of policy advice
  • ministerial satisfaction, and
  • cost per output or hour of output production.

Departments will be kept informed about the work to develop these performance measures for Budget 2013.

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