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Guidelines for Contracting with Non-Government Organisations for Services Sought by the Crown [2003] (2003)

Chapter 4 - Managing the Contract and Monitoring

Signing the contract is only part of the Government agency’s responsibilities for contract management. Agencies are also responsible for the ongoing management of:

  • The contract once it has been signed, and
  • The relationship with the NGO providing the service.

This will involve:

  • Monitoring (including verifying) service delivery against the contract.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the services delivered.
  • Approval of payment, and making payment according to the contract.
  • Ongoing relationship management.
  • Dealing with any differences of view with the NGO.
  • Negotiating changes to the contract initiated by either party.
  • In extreme cases, taking action to enforce the conditions of the contract, including exercising any rights to terminate the contract.

This provides the basis for:

  • Assessing whether the NGO has delivered what was contracted for.
  • Accountability for public money.
  • Paying money to the NGO.
  • Making decisions about how to proceed at the expiry of the contract.
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