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Making Use of the CIPFA TICK Scores: Guidance for Departments

9  Do internal controls provide for transparency and accountability?

The department should periodically report to stakeholders the organisation's risk profile as well as the structure and factual performance of the organisation's internal control system.

Departments should transparently report on the structure and performance of their governance, risk management, and internal control system in their various reports to internal and external stakeholders, such as through their periodic accountability reports.

In NZ these requirements are placed in statute, and there are separate scrutiny processes to ensure these statutory requirements are complied with.

Suggested Response

Leadership that is concerned about the CIPFA TICK survey assessment of this principle, may need to look at the scrutiny processes that support the statements of responsibility. They may also wish to consider reporting not only on the existence of their system, but also about major risks the department faces; what controls it has established; how internal control is monitored and evaluated; how the system works; and what has been done to remediate any control failures or weaknesses. A better understanding as to how a department manages its risks creates trust and the necessary reassurance to its stakeholders.

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