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Briefing for the Incoming Minister for Regulatory Reform [2014]

Publication Details

  • Briefing for the Incoming Minister for Regulatory Reform [2014]
  • Published: 12 Nov 2014
  • Status: Current
  • Author: The Treasury

Briefing to the Incoming Minister for Regulatory Reform

Published 12 Nov 2014
Page updated 22 Dec 2014

This briefing is part of the suite of briefings prepared for incoming Ministers by the Treasury following the general election of 20 September 2014.

See also 2014 Treasury Briefings to Incoming Ministers and other agencies' briefings on the Beehive website.

This document has been proactively released. Redactions made to the document have been made consistent with provisions of the Official Information Act 1982.


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Treasury Report: Briefing for the Incoming Minister for Regulatory Reform

  • Cover Sheet
  • Purpose of Report
  • Recommendation Action

The Regulatory Management System

  • The Regulatory Management System
  • Your roles in the regulatory management system
  • Good regulation is both important and challenging
  • The evolving nature of the regulatory management system
  • The Expectations of Regulatory Stewardship - The foundation of the government's regulatory management system
  • The tools and requirements of the regulatory management system aim to assist
    agencies in carrying out their stewardship role
  • "Clear room for improvement" The Productivity Commission's view on the current state of the regulatory system
  • The Productivity Commission's recommendations and next steps
  • Key opportunities to lift regulatory performance
bim-14-reg-reform.pdf (449 KB) pp. (1),1-3,1-9

Information Withheld

Key to Redaction Codes

Certain information in this document has been withheld under one or more of the following sections of the Official Information Act, as applicable:

  • [1] 9(2)(a) - to protect the privacy of natural persons, including deceased people
  • [2] 9(2)(b)(ii) - to protect the commercial position of the person who supplied the
    information or who is the subject of the information
  • [3] 9(2)(f)(iv) - to maintain the current constitutional conventions protecting the
    confidentiality of advice tendered by ministers and officials
  • [4] 9(2)(g)(i) - to maintain the effective conduct of public affairs through the free and frank
    expression of opinions
  • [5] 9(2)(j) - to enable the Crown to negotiate without disadvantage or prejudice
  • [ ] Not relevant

Where information has been withheld, a numbered reference to the applicable section of the Official Information Act has been made, as listed above. For example, an [2] appearing where information has been withheld in a release document refers to section 9(2)(b)(ii).

In preparing this Information Release, the Treasury has considered the public interest considerations in section 9(1) of the Official Information Act.

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