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Tāmaki Redevelopment Company (TRC)

38. The TRC was established in 2012 as the entity charged with urban regeneration of Tāmaki, an area in Auckland. The area has a high proportion of state housing (56 percent) with HNZC owning approximately 2,870 properties in the area but relatively low density housing. The community has high levels of deprivation, low levels of educational achievement, low labour force participation, low incomes, high unemployment, and high dependency on social security benefits.

39. Under the Heads of Agreement signed between the Crown and the Auckland Council, the TRC's activities span a range of high-level objectives for the area. These objectives will all be important in successfully regenerating the area but Ministers and the Council may want to consider the relative weighting of these objectives when setting out their expectations for the TRC. The objectives are:

  • Social: supporting Tāmaki residents and their families to get the skills, knowledge, and employment opportunities needed to progress in their lives.
  • Economic: strengthening the local economy and unlocking the potential of the Tāmaki area to enable a prosperous community and deliver better value for money to the Crown (with a focus on increasing the return on investment and realising the potential value from state and council-owned land).
  • Spatial: creating safe and connected neighbourhoods that support the social and economic development of Tāmaki and its community.
  • Housing resources: optimising the use of land and existing housing stock to effectively support and deliver social and economic results, including progressing private housing development and better public housing options in Tāmaki.
    1. The TRC's specific mandate is to:
  • lead and integrate a programme of activities to transform Tāmaki
  • procure and/or influence physical and spatial development (e.g. housing, infrastructure, amenities), and
  • facilitate the alignment and the design and delivery of place-based social and economic programmes to lift prosperity and well-being in Tāmaki.

41. The TRC's tasks have been set up as a two stage process. In the initial stage its purpose is to develop a Strategic Framework to achieve the regeneration objectives described above. It will also prepare a Business Case for implementing the Strategic Framework. At the end of stage 1 Cabinet will decide, on the basis of the Business Case and Strategic Framework, whether to proceed with physical regeneration in stage 2. The Auckland Council will need to run a similar process. At this point the Crown and Auckland Council will negotiate about whether and how to proceed with regeneration. Further advice is being prepared by MBIE and Treasury on the engagement process with TRC and clarifying expectations for 2013.

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