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Executive Summary

This report is to support initial engagement over your priorities and Treasury's Regulatory Quality Team's focus and proposed work programme. We can provide further information and meet with you to discuss the topics introduced in this report.

The Regulatory Reform portfolio will be supported primarily within Treasury but there is an overlap with the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) business regulation roles, including Small Businesses.

The Regulatory Quality Team (RQT) lead the Treasury's work on regulation and will provide support to you in your role as Minister for Regulatory Reform. RQT's major areas of work in 2012 are expected to relate to:

  • ongoing operation of the Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) regime, including support for agency capability building. The RIA regime provides standards for proposals that contain regulatory options and RQT provides quality assurance over significant regulatory proposals against these standards
  • support for policy design and for passage of the Regulatory Standards Bill as part of the National-ACT confidence and supply agreement
  • refining and building on Regulatory Best Practice principles and assessments, which provide an overall picture of the health of New Zealand's regulatory regimes and environment
  • the next stage of Regulatory Scans and Regulatory Plans. RQT provides guidance and assessment over departmental scans of their stock of regulation and the plans departments make to keep their regulation up-to-date and fit for purpose, and
  • refreshing:
    • the Government's Regulatory Reform Programme, which sets out the major reviews of regulatory regimes that are being carried out, and
    • potentially the Government Statement on Regulation, which is a statement released on 17 August 2009 setting out the overall approach the government intends to take to regulation.

We think your immediate priorities may include:

  • a Cabinet discussion in February 2012 on regulatory priorities [withheld under s9(2)(f)(iv) of the OIA], and
  • progressing the Regulatory Standards Bill - including bidding for a place on the 2012 legislative programme for this and some other regulation-related Bills.

Recommended Action

We recommend that you indicate areas where further briefing would be of value to you:

  Yes No
Regulatory Standards Bill options and work programme    
Regulatory Reform Priorities    
Regulatory Quality Team (RQT)  work programme    
Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) regime - agency obligations and Treasury roles    
Best Practice Regulation - principles and assessments    
Regulatory Scanning and Planning processes and lessons    

Kirsty Flannagan
Manager, Regulatory Quality

Hon John Banks
Minister for Regulatory Reform

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