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Economic Management: Land Use Issues [Briefing to the Incoming Government 1984]

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  • Economic Management: Land Use Issues
  • Published: Jul 1984
  • Status: Not Current - Reference Only
  • Author: The Treasury
    • Hard copy: Available in PDF format only.

    Economic Management: Land Use Issues Briefing to the Incoming Government 1984

    Published on 30 Jul 1984

    Economic Management:Land Issues was the Briefing to the Incoming Government prepared before the 1984 election, it deals with issues and objectives in the land use sector. Economic Management was published at the same time and is available from a separate download page. The briefing paper is available for download in Adobe PDF format only.

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    Introduction and Contents

    big84ii-1.pdf(65 KB)

    Chapter 1 Background

    big84ii-2.pdf(344 KB) pp. 1-10

    Chapter 2 Policy Issues and Objectives

    big84ii-3.pdf(751 KB) pp. 11-28

    Chapter 3 Forestry

    big84ii-4.pdf(448 KB) pp. 29-38

    Chapter 4 MAF Services

    big84ii-5.pdf(187 KB) pp. 39-43

    Chapter 5 Subsidies for Irrigation, Rural Water Supply and Catchment Control Schemes

    big84ii-6.pdf(245 KB) pp. 44-49

    Chapter 6 Fertilisers

    big84ii-7.pdf(206 KB) pp. 50-54

    Chapter 7 Rural Finance and the Role of the Rural Banking and Finance Corporation

    big84ii-8.pdf(832 KB) pp. 55-73

    Chapter 8 Land Development and Settlement

    big84ii-9.pdf(99 KB) pp. 74-76

    Chapter 9 Supplementary Minimum Prices, Stabilisation Schemes and Future Assistance to Agriculture

    big84ii-10.pdf(321 KB) pp. 77-83

    Chapter 10 Industry Reviews in the Land Use Area

    big84ii-11.pdf(308 KB) pp. 84-90
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