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Statement of Intent 2015-2019

The Treasury's Values

We will be:

Bold and innovative

  • We use new and different ways of thinking about and doing things.
  • We know where we can take measured risks – and take them.

Passionate and ambitious

  • We treat people with respect.
  • We behave constructively towards others.
  • We set challenging but achievable goals that will make a real impact for New Zealand.

Collaborative and challenging

  • We work in collaboration with others to achieve our outcomes.
  • We base our advice in expert analysis, research and reasoning.
  • We are open-minded, seeking out, listening to and understanding the views of others.

Adaptable and focused

  • We focus on what matters most.
  • We adapt our thinking and our work when it is right to do so.
  • We stay the course, seeing things through from ideas to implementation.

How we will demonstrate performance

There are two key elements to how the Treasury demonstrates its performance. The first is to tell how well it is going against what it intends to achieve, as set out in our Statement of Intent.

The second element is how well the Treasury is delivering its outputs. How the Treasury will assess performance against its outputs is set out in the Vote Finance 2015/16 Estimates.

Both of these elements are presented in the Treasury's Annual Report which is published in October each year. Together, these two documents - the Statement of Intent and the Annual Report - tell a comprehensive story about the Treasury's strategic intentions and its performance: one from a forward-looking perspective and the other retrospective.

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