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Statement of Intent 2015-2019

The Treasury is a high-performing organisation

What we intend to achieve

  • The Treasury pursues the level of excellence needed to achieve what matters most for raising living standards for New Zealanders. Being a world-class Treasury means that we are a catalyst for action, we think about and do things differently and enrich our traditional frameworks and approaches by drawing on the knowledge and skills of others.

Specific intentions include:

  • effectively and efficiently do the job the country and Ministers need us to do
  • our staff are good listeners, learners and doers, with the strategic agility to join the dots, and the practical ability to get the job done
  • working in partnership with others to provide the best possible advice and services we make significant shifts in some of the biggest long-term issues for New Zealanders. We challenge and at the same time look for opportunities to collaborate and learn from others
  • ensuring that our advice is more citizen-focused in its design and delivery, and reflects a deep and sophisticated understanding of the environment and the real-world challenges that affect New Zealanders
  • creating a work culture that is inclusive and harness diversity of thought, and
  • ensuring that the Treasury is fit to meet future expectations.

What success will look like

  • The Treasury will be:
    • more collaborative: we will work with others to liberate new ideas, be involved in important issues from start to finish and harness our diversity so that everyone's voice counts
    • more outward facing: we will incorporate a range of perspectives in our thinking and look for ideas in unexpected places; we will listen; being curious and connected to the real world
    • better at our core business: we will be an effective Ministry of Finance: investing effort and resources to get the best outcomes for New Zealanders; we will systematically apply the Living Standards Framework to our advice, and
    • more productive: we will proactively manage and develop our people; working in the smartest and most inclusive way; we will understand how we are performing and use this to lift our performance.

What we will do to achieve this

  • Deliver a Change Programme that focuses on growing diversity of thought in the Treasury workplace, integrating Māori perspectives into the Treasury’s thinking and building relationships with other agencies and communities that will help us to deliver real-world solutions. The programme will employ a range of improvement tools and techniques (such as continuous improvement reviews) and identify and adopt new and innovative approaches to problem-solving. The specific focus of the Change Programme will continue to evolve over time, taking into account the gains we make and new challenges and opportunities that emerge.
  • Deliver high-quality, fit-for-purpose corporate and organisational services:
    • Provide strategic advice and services that support the Treasury in achieving its strategic intentions and legislative obligations in an efficient and effective manner.
    • This will be measured by tracking a reduction in our administrative and support service costs as a proportion of total running costs, as measured by our Benchmarking Administrative and Support Services.
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