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It is also important to ensure that prosperity enables all New Zealanders to participate in the economy and society.

New Zealand generally does well in supporting economic and social participation. We have high rates of employment and our education and health systems work well for most. However, some New Zealanders experience a range of barriers to participation. For example, some groups are still under-represented in employment and too many children fail to reach their full educational potential. Low income is most likely to lead to poor outcomes if it is persistent and associated with material deprivation.

Educational attainment and employment
Average over 2013
Educational attainment and employment Average over 2013 .

The State sector has an important role to play in helping all New Zealanders to develop the skills and capability to find their role in the economy and society, while also providing the wider public services that support participation and that really matter for living standards.

The Treasury supports a primary policy focus on removing the barriers and increasing the opportunities for people, especially for people experiencing hardship. New Zealand needs a labour market and welfare system that helps people move between jobs, occupations and sectors to take up new opportunities. However, it is also important to maintain a safety net to support people who are temporarily between jobs or are unable to work for extended periods.

Key indicator of inclusiveness

  • Improvement in the levels of educational achievement and employment outcomes.
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