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Statement of Intent 2014-2019

Enabling and Supporting a Higher Performing Treasury

What Will We Do to Achieve This?

The Treasury has an on-going programme of work focused on lifting its ability to have a positive influence and raise living standards for New Zealanders. This programme is focused on making the Treasury:

  • more collaborative
  • more outward facing
  • better at our core business, and
  • more productive

This programme is under review following the 2014 PIF review of the Treasury. While this review might see some changes of emphasis, key initiatives include:

  • embedding the Living Standards Framework in how the Treasury provides advice
  • increasing external engagement
  • greater co-production of advice with others
  • improving the Treasury's ability to perform its finance ministry role
  • improving the Treasury's ability to deliver its commercial operations function
  • improving efficiency through a programme of continuous improvement, and
  • working more effectively with its central agency colleagues to provide leadership across the State sector.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Research shows that diversity of thinking is a key driver of performance in successful teams and organisations. In practice, this means actively seeking out different perspectives and ensuring different voices have an opportunity to be heard and make a meaningful difference to decision-making. Diversity of thinking in an inclusive environment leads to better quality ideas, analysis and advice.

The Treasury sees pursuing diversity and inclusiveness as a key way it can continue to lift organisational performance. A more diverse and inclusive culture will accelerate progress in all of the areas the Treasury has identified as priorities to make it more influential: it will help the organisation to be more collaborative and outward facing (through new connections to stakeholders and society), better at its core business (by helping to surface new perspectives and ideas), and more productive (again through new perspectives and ideas).

Over the coming year the Treasury's focus will be on creation of an inclusive workplace culture to help it effectively attract, retain and harness the depth and breadth of technical, management and leadership capabilities of a diverse culture.

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