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Statement of Intent 2014-2019

The State Sector Delivers Results for New Zealanders

What would success look like?

The State sector system, sector and agency performance is improved; through greater cross-agency leadership and collaboration, use of clear results focused goals, and improved strategic financial and fiscal management. A greater customer- and population-based focus is taken to State sector management and reform. The State sector generates and uses information to support better decisions to drive performance improvements in the State sector and change State sector institutions and systems.

Medium-term success:

  • Government results are delivered and functional leadership in property, procurement and ICT delivers tangible benefits.
  • There is a broad picture of how the State sector system is performing and how it influences end results for citizens (where measures are available).
  • There has been a demonstrable lift in State sector productivity, efficiency and effectiveness (where measures are available).
  • New purchasing models have been tested, such as contracting for outcomes, and are being implemented if they are producing better outcomes for at-risk population groups.
  • Diverse service providers are introducing greater innovation with calculated risk-taking.
  • Seventy percent of departments are assessed by central agencies as investment ready under Four-year Plans.
  • Financial capability of agencies is assessed as higher as measured by the Finance and Resources - Financial Management rating in PIF whereby 90% of agencies are assessed as at least "well placed".
  • Value drivers for government agencies and value from expenditure are better understood.
  • Agencies keep to agreed spending paths and measured future liabilities reduce in major expenditure areas.

Specific 2014/15 objectives:

  • Agencies are working more collaboratively to achieve cross-agency results and outcomes, and make services more accessible and responsive to individuals.
  • Agencies are sharing information and lessons about how they purchase social sector services and more agencies are considering different approaches to contracting services.
  • A contestable system for social housing is being implemented.
  • Better information is available to Ministers for decision-making and is used by departments and central agencies for demonstrating and measuring agency performance.
  • Insights from Analysis and Insights capability provide opportunities for improved results and high return on investment in at least two sectors.
  • Ministers have greater confidence, based on supporting evidence, that expenditure is delivering value for money.
  • More major sectors and agencies than in 2013/14 are assessed by central agencies as "investment ready" under their Four-year Plans.
  • All new significant operating expenditure proposals received in the Budget process are subject to cost benefit analysis (or similar).
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